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Winner of both races on Day 2 of SSL Gold Cup 2022 Qualifying Series Round 2,  SSL Team Slovenia  has taken a commanding position at the top of Group 3.  SSL Team Lithuania  remains in 2nd place after finishing runner-up in today’s races. It was a day to forget for “La Tri” from Ecuador, who, after a disappointing last place in the first race, started swiftly to take the lead in Race 2 until a mistake at Mark 3 cost them and ensured they once again finished in last place.

With only the first two teams in the group qualifying for the Final Series,  SSL Team Ecuador  knew they had to give their all in Race 2. After a good start, Julio Velez’s squad seemed in control until the Mark 3. They gybed under the pressure of Lithuania and Slovenia, and their kite finished in the water, costing them the lead and crucial points in the overall standings.

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The Slovenian “Krpani1860” had the opposite experience as they recovered from a terrible start in Race 2 to finish first, overtaking both the unlucky Ecuadorians and Lithuania after Mark 3. In unpredictable conditions, it was all down to light wind strategy in the last two legs, and Slovenia showed all their skills to cross the line 1st again.

The ultimate standings of Group 3 will be decided on Friday when it is Golden Day, and points will count for double. As such, the contest is still very much open for either “La Tri” or the Lithuanian “Ambers” to grab the final qualifying slot for Bahrain.


Kristoforas Akromas, Pit on SSL Team Lithuania
“We played well but at the end of the day, we did not get the result we wanted by finishing two time second. People say: “There is a winner and a loser” so today, we lost two races! Frankly, we are really happy with the results. We have been practicing in light winds a lot and at the end of the day, we couldn’t do much more. We realized we took several poor strategic decisions that led to this result. There are things we need to improve after we will analyze the video. Several maneuvers were not as smooth as we expected but we can’t say they had consequences on our final results”.

Irene Suarez, Floater on SSL Team Ecuador
“In Race 2, the tack that hold the spinnaker came undone so we had to figure out fast so we could hoist the spinnaker up again. That took a little bit of time. We were first and then we got 3rd… When we were first, it looked like we had the race in our hands. We felt great, in controlled and secured about ourselves. So tomorrow, because races will count for double, our plan is to be at the top of our game, ahead of the fleet. If we are first, we will try to control the fleet, we are second,  we will stand on our position and try not to drop 3rd in order to qualify to the Final Series”.

Tina Mrak, Mid-Bow on SSL Team Slovenia 
“Today was another challenging day with lights winds. We were focused on our boat handling and the Starts, which were not that good yesterday. We were very focused to build a good speed. The three laps races were very challenging with a lot of maneuvers, hoisting and droppings. They all came really good for us. We were really happy with our sailing and we are looking forward for tomorrow”.


Sailing has its own World Cup, finally! Like football in 1930 and rugby in 1987, the SSL Gold Cup is designed to crown the best sailing nation of all! The World’s Top 56 countries, selected on their SSL Nation ranking, will battle their way through to raise the coveted and only Sailing World Cup trophy.

The SSL Gold Cup 2022 started on May 19th with the Qualifying Series in Grandson, Lake Neuchatel (Switzerland).  All teams ranked from the Top 25 to 56 in the SSL Nations Ranking (based on January 2022’s will meet in eight groups of four teams each. There will be five  stages, or rounds, until July 17th.

O nly the top two teams of each group will go through to the Final Series  that will take place from  October 28th to November 20th, 2022, in Bahrain.